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Unhoused - Personal Stories and Public Health

This powerful exhibit explores the risks and challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness. The exhibit features two remarkable artists Leah den Bok and Willie Baronet. Den Bok’s work is comprised of striking black and white photographs of people experiencing homelessness. Baronet creates installations using his collection of signs he has purchased over the past 30 years from unhoused people.

Gecko Group was excited to collaborate with the artists and the Mütter Museum team to create an interpretive experience that complemented the artwork. With a focus on public health and the latest available data, the exhibit explores some of the risks faced by those facing homelessness. The exhibit highlights some of the societal issues that impact housing security and ways they could improve. The result is a powerful exhibit that encourages empathy and action.


Exhibit & Content Development
Script Development
Space Planning
Exhibit Design
Interpretive Graphic Design


Mütter Museum


Philadelphia, PA


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