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The Mussel Hatchery

A freshwater mussel hatchery exhibit and installation was created at Fairmount Water Works to raise awareness about mussels and tell the story of restoring the river’s habitat. It is used to educate middle and high school students as well as visitors from the Schuylkill River Trail Circuit. Gecko Group worked closely with Victoria Prizzia of Habithéque Inc. to design the interpretive graphics and create custom Illustrations to depict the river’s habitat. An interactive website was developed around the illustration to portray a healthy habitat and the important role mussels play in protecting freshwater systems and the health of all living things ( Gecko Group also designed the layout of a children’s book and online printable interactives to enhance the story and experience.

The Mussel Hatchery is a project created by Victoria Prizzia of Habithéque.

Images courtesy Habithéque Inc.


Interpretive Graphics Design
Website Design and Programming
Book Design


Habithèque Inc. and Fairmount Water Works


Philadelphia, PA


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