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POOL: A Social History of Segregation

Set in the historic Fairmount Water Works in Philadelphia, POOL: A Social History of Segregation provides a robust and visually-enticing history of segregated swimming in America. The exhibit also highlights the impacts of that history felt today. Gecko Group worked closely with POOL creator, Victoria Prizzia of Habitheque, Inc. to develop and design the exhibit’s graphics. Spread throughout the 4,700 square-foot exhibit, these graphics provide outlets for many voices to share their stories. 

Created during a time when many people were locked down due to the quick-moving COVID-19 pandemic, a companion magazine was also created to extend the exhibit’s reach. Gecko Group designed the more than 100-page magazine to help capture the remarkable voices and stories of the POOL exhibit contributors. Gecko Group also designed and launched a website that reflected the design and tone of the exhibit providing greater accessibility to the story

POOL is a project created by Victoria Prizzia of Habithéque, Inc. /

Exhibition photos provided by Maria Erades of Green Treks


Graphic Design Services for Exhibition Graphics
Website and Magazine


Habitheque, Inc.


Philadelphia, PA


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