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Delaware Botanic Gardens

The Delaware Botanic Gardens is an environmentally sustainable habitat that is a place of tranquility, beauty, and education for everyone. As such, it was important to identify each space and recognize donors without interfering with the beauty of the surroundings. The donor recognition system was designed to complement the many different gardens featured. From meadows to woodlands and wetlands, the steel letters that identify each garden weather over time, continually changing and transforming along with the garden environment surrounding it. 

Donor names are comprised of individually cut white acrylic letters, allowing them to stand out against the rich weathered steel background. In the Welcome Center, a series of graphic panels orients the visitor to the site. The panels were direct-printed to wood. The natural materials and layered presentation ensure the panels blend seamlessly with the rustic style of the Center. 

Whether in dappled light, shadowed silhouette, or bright sun, the garden signage looks and feels truly integrated into its surroundings. Potential donors are enticed by signs with no names featured. New donor names can be easily added as sponsorships are filled.


Site Assessment
Identification Signage Design
Interpretive Graphic Design
Map Design
Project Management
Fabrication Oversight and Installation


Delaware Botanic Gardens


Dagsboro, DE


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